Pearl Alley Life | Chris Cochran

about the storyteller

Chris Cochran has an eye for talent and believes everyone has a story to tell.

From his second story office view, he captures life as it moves through a small corner of the world. Or in this case, a small alley.

Read more about Chris below, how Pearl Alley Life got started, and follow the ongoing story on Instagram @pearlalleylife.

I moved into my office over a year ago when I started my executive search business. One of the things I liked about the space right away is that it looks down on Pearl Alley in downtown Columbus. A three story mural is out my window and the alley is a busy pedestrian walkway which I spend a lot of time looking down on as I talk on the phone.

Due to the purpose of my business, I hear people's stories about their work history and their lives. My business revolves around stories and that includes the candidate's story, the client's story that serves as the attraction to an opportunity with them or my own story of how I make people and companies happier by bringing them together.

Stories make the difference, I believe, in who gets a job and who comes in second. After being in the recruiting business for twenty years, I've been a part of many job searches and the person who can tell the best story wins.

So, back to me looking out my window and talking on the phone. My Instagram, @pearlalleylife, started with a picture of a couple shooting their wedding photos in the alley. I got lucky and took a good one. The next week, I caught another unique situation down below my window.

These moments that take place in the alley, these stories happen everyday and they're what I share with people.

Check out a few pictures below or visit @pearlalleylife to see the latest.